Our Story

Kindred Kitchen is more than a café and catering business.


As part of the HopeWorks social enterprises, we offer hands-on job training to formerly homeless and low-income individuals who need a fresh start.


We believe that food is one of life’s most powerful shared experiences. Every meal from Kindred Kitchen is chance to gather and connect with friends and neighbors. To recharge. To slow down and find joy in the moment.


From our locally-sourced ingredients, to our welcoming space, and a service philosophy grounded in dignity and respect, Kindred Kitchen is where the community can feel nourished and cared for. 

Our Services:

More than a job.

Kindred Kitchen, like all of HopeWorks' social enterprises, is more than a brick-and-mortar business. Nearly every role in our operation, from front-of-house to behind-the-scenes, is filled by someone working their way from adversity to opportunity.


Youth and young adult trainees are given the opportunity to learn the technical skills of food preparation along with the soft skills of workplace success, such as problem solving and customer service. By the end of their internship, trainees have the skills and confidence they need to pursue stable employment and break the cycle of poverty.

Community transformation.

Kindred Kitchen is located on the ground level of HopeWorks Station, a state-of the art sustainable building that gives hope a home.


Built on what was once an underutilized industrial area near downtown Everett, this 5-story ultra high energy efficient development will anchor a bustling hub of affordable housing, social services and career opportunities for members of our community looking to get stabilized. 


Along with Housing Hope and the other HopeWorks businesses, this project represents a new chapter in the economic vitality of our region.


With a new location with fresh menus and an expanded culinary and barista job training program, we became Kindred Kitchen. We hold dear our humble beginnings as CafeWorks and are excited for our future growth as Kindred Kitchen offering expanded services to our community. 







Cafe: 425.512.0343

Catering: 425.409.2696

3315 Broadway,
Everett WA 98201



7 am - 2 pm

Monday to Friday

Closed Weekends

Check Google

for Holiday closures 

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Kindred Kitchen is proud to be part of HopeWorks Social Enterprises, which offers disadvantaged individuals a second chance at a secure future through hands-on job training programs.