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While looking for work that had a flexible schedule she came across our training program. She chose Kindred Kitchen to learn more about a functional kitchen operates. Her biggest goal is to own her own restaurant with her parents.


She feels like she has been able to make real and true connections here at HopeWorks. “The comradery and relationships you make here are unforgettable. People here know that where you come from is not who you are. It’s about where you are going.”


Ejay Perez is focused on his future. He just graduated from our Kindred Kitchen Culinary Training Academy and is considering his options for employment.


Karen Hagen loves the Kindred Kitchen Training Academy. She started classes in the first part of October 2021, and she graduated in January 2022.


He especially enjoyed learning how to make food from scratch including soups, sauces, cookies, and chicken marinade.  “I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the culinary arts.  Everyone is so respectful, and very positive."


This week, Carlhie will graduate from the Kindred Kitchen Employment Training Academy. This is a big deal as Carlhie has a newfound sobriety after being homeless for quite a long time.

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