Sustainable, Lasting Impact

Kindred Kitchen prioritizes sustainability in supporting environmental, social, and economic health & vitality.

Photo of a turkey berry sandwich in a to-go container, with biodegradable cutlery.

Environmental Impact

We are reducing our environmental footprint through nearly all compostable packaging, ultra-energy efficient equipment, and sourcing mostly local, seasonal ingredients whenever we can. We promote the use of our reusable dishware and educate our staff, trainees, and our patrons in reducing their waste.

Electric Vehicle Delivery & Charging

Our sustainability efforts go beyond the walls of our cafe, they are delivered straight to your door in our electric vehicle! We also offer EV charging (Level 2 & 3) at one of our five charging stations located in our parking lot between 3315 & 3331 Broadway. Grab a drink or a bite while you charge.

Learn More about EV Charging at HopeWorks
Photo of a purple Chevy Bolt EV with Kindred Kitchen vinyls, parked outside on the street.
Drone photograph of HopeWorks Station North and downtown Everett, Washington.

Social & Economic Impact

Kindred Kitchen supports social sustainability by valuing diversity and creating an inclusive, welcoming space for all people. We are helping to build a vibrant community of strong local small businesses.

As a social enterprise, we provide high-quality food services that nourish the community, while our job training program fosters the growth of our local economy as new graduates leave our program and enter the workforce to share their skills with other local employers. As their lives stabilize, they are creating a positive ripple effect on not only their own lives, but on the economic vitality of our region.

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