Sides & Pies

Order holiday sides from KINDRED KITCHEN 

Is life feeling pretty hectic? 

Are you starting to dread all of the cooking involved with your holiday dinner?

Well, why not let KINDRED KITCHEN give you hand?

We will leave the main dish to you, but let us handle the sides.  We’ll take the hassle out of your holiday!


Pre-order NOW- December 17th

Pick-up available 10am-5pm on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd

Delivery available 10am-5pm on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd

Holiday Donation

Donate to a local family facing food insecurity




Would you like to help a family experiencing food insecurity

this holiday season? 


KINDRED KITCHEN would like to be your partner in helping families in need have a happy holiday. 


Donation is easy. Place your order online, in person, or over the phone. We will deliver your donation to a family in need- fresh and just in time for Christmas.


Questions? Call us at 425-409-2696 or e-mail us at

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