Responding to COVID-19

Updated: 3/17/2020

Hello customers and supporters, 

We want to share a quick update and ways in which you might support each other during this time of critical cut-backs and safety measures.


Our Kindred Kitchen café and catering operations are currently closed for regular retail business. In addition, our community meals program based at our Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center has also suspended feeding and childcare operations at this time. These closures also mean that our youth and young adult training program is on hold. Alongside our Employment Specialists and Case Manager partners, we continue weekly outreach and engagement with our current intern trainees and those scheduled to start our next cohort. We expect enrollment of our next training cohorts to be delayed significantly, but we will be working hard to bring our businesses back online as well as our training program as soon as possible.  

Like you, we are taking this situation week-by-week, and really day-by-day, in support of wider community health efforts to "flatten the curve."

That means:

  1. Finding ways to keep our staff employed and/or engaged until we can bring them back on board

  2. Staying closely connected with our current and upcoming interns; making sure that they feel informed and supported during this time

  3. Taking advantage of this time to tackle work that would typically be challenging to balance with daily operations

  4. Looking for possible opportunities to safely re-start business in various ways, large and small

How You Can Help

As you know, we’re just a few months into operations, so this is already a critical time in the start-up process.

Here’s how you can support us and our community:

  1. Purchase Kindred Kitchen eGift cards! They are available for use in the café or for catering when we re-open. Grab your eGift card today.

  2. Donate to support our job training program at All of our HopeWorks Social Enterprises and our job training program have already been hit hard by coronavirus-related closures and limited revenue. Your support allows us to ensure that we can relaunch our job training program as soon as we are fully back in business.

  3. Come visit us when we re-open. We’ll post updates on our website and social media.

  4. Visit local restaurants, cafes and coffee kiosks that are making drive-through and curbside pickup available. They need your support now, and their employees do too. Their success is our success. Grab coffee, snag a plate of pasta, or enjoy some corned beef & cabbage.

  5. Keep washing your hands and practicing self-care. We hope to serve you as soon as we can re-open.  

We thank you for all of your support past, present, and future. We're lucky to be part of a caring and thoughtful community across Snohomish County and we're proud of all of the ways that our community is showing up to support one another. 

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay kind

The Kindred Kitchen Team, 


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Closed Weekends

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Kindred Kitchen is proud to be part of HopeWorks Social Enterprises, which offers disadvantaged individuals a second chance at a secure future through hands-on job training programs.