Community Meals

What is a “Community Meals” Program?

We are working to lean further into our mission by offering community meals — serving delicious, nutritious food to those in our community facing food insecurity.

Community meal programs, like FareStart’s in Seattle, provide nutritious meals to the community’s most vulnerable citizens. This could be in schools, shelters, or healthcare, daycare, or senior centers.

These meals are flavorful and balanced in nutrition. Often run by social enterprises like Kindred Kitchen, the revenues from this work goes back into the job training program. They can also help eliminate waste through food recovery programs.

Tomorrow's Hope Child Development Center logo.

Serving the Most Vulnerable

Kindred Kitchen is not yet able to serve other organizations. We currently only serve Tomorrow’s Hope Child Development Center. Tomorrow’s Hope provides high-quality child development services to children and their parents. It is the only licensed child development facility in Snohomish County specifically designed to meet the needs of families experiencing or have experienced homelessness or poverty. Visit Tomorrow’s Hope’s website. 

We are proud to feed nourishing meals to these children and with your help, we want to serve more residents of our community facing food insecurity.

Help Us Lean into Our Mission

We are proud to be a source of nourishment for the individuals we serve and the community in which we live. To develop our community meals service, we need your help. Our shell space in HopeWorks Station is waiting for the necessary funding to be completed with a kitchen dedicated to community meals and expanded catering services. This will also grow our training program so we can train more individuals, year after year.

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Floor plan of development of HopeWorks Station North.